News TPI’s informative letter to IPR offices

The President of the Turkish Patent Institute, Prof. Dr. Habip Hasan, sent informative letters to senior managers of intellectual and industrial property offices of foreign countries, condemning strictly the coup attempt by the Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organization (FETO) against the elected government and democracy of Turkey. 

With the letters of July 15, 2016 to the presidents of World Intellectual Property Organization, European Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office in addition to those of 186 patent offices, Mr. Asan explained that this coup attempt against the Turkish solidarity was got off thanks to Turkish citizens standing up courageously, some of whom killed or injured against the traitor FETO terrorist attacks and thus Turkish people appreciably protected the rule of law and democracy which are the core for the idea of creativity and innovation.

He expressed his sincerest wishes to continue and enhance cooperation and solidarity with all foreign countries within the sense of development of global intellectual property system, by also underlying the fact that Turkey’s economy is still good and stable despite such an enormous threat.

Please click here to see a sample of this letter.

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