NewsCooperation Agreement Signed Between Destek Patent and Council of Turkish Exporters

Council of Turkish Exporters, architect of the goal “500 billion dollars exportation” which became government policy, starts off “CTEACADEMY2023” project to help exporter companies to build strategy, vision and set a goal. Destek Patent will be the solution partner of the project on intellectual property.

Destek Patent will carry out trainings and seminars to raise awareness on importance of patent and innovation to exporter in accordance with Turkey’s 500 billion dollars of exportation goal in 2023.

Council of Turkish Exporters (CTE), project “CTEACADEMY2023” actualized to help companies to build strategy, vision and set goals to reach goal “500 billion dollars exportation in 2023”, started working with a signing ceremony. Chairman of the Board of Destek Patent Kemal YAMANKARADENİZ signed as a solution partner on intellectual property rights. 

Accompanying Destek Patent, HSBC Turkey as solution partner on finance, Vodafone Turkey as solution partner on communication, and Turkishtime and Global Connection as solution partner on mass media supports the project. Serpil Timuray, CEO of Vodafone Turkey, Kemal Yamankaradeniz, Chairman of the Board of Destek Patent, and Martin Spurling General Manager of HSBC Turkey attended to signing ceremony hosted by Mehmet Büyükekşi, President of CET.

CET, who believes that goal 2023 is not just a desk project followed by politicians but also a strategic plan which adds value to companies and provides serious amount of economic comeback, will ask the export companies from different sectors, to set their own goals and build strategies in accordance with aforementioned new situation in addition to general and sectoral exportation,. Within this framework, CET will provide series of training seminars, named “CETACADEMY2023.” 

When programs are completed, while sector representatives closely monitor their exportation goals, the export companies, which belong to the sector, will be able to prepare their own strategic routes and actualize their planning in accordance with the exportation goals adopted by a large section of community.

Destek Patent will train the exporters on patented products and innovation within the scope of “CETACADEMY2023.” Trainings, to be organized by 13 Secretaries of Exporter Union, will take place in 2013 and cover 60 exporter unions, representatives of 26 exporter sectors.

After signing ceremony, Mr. Kemal Yamankaradeniz, Chairman of the Board of Destek Patent, stated to CET member sector representatives that it is pleasing to cooperate on registration of patent, R&D and innovation. Mr. Yamankaradeniz underlined that to increase exportation which is strongest part of Turkish economy and to reach level of 500 billion dollars in 2023 can only be actualized by trademarks and products which have added value by innovation. Drawing attention that Destek Patent is the leading company offering services on trademark registration and patent protection for 30 years in Turkey, Mr. Yamankaradeniz said that wide experience and extensive knowledge of Destek Patent will have great help for the exporters to reach the goal 2023.”

Great change will happen within 10 years
Mr. Mehmet Büyükekşi, President of CET, gave a speech about their goal and expectations for “CETACADEMY2023” and recalled the process of 500 billion dollars exportation goal of Turkey in 2023 on the signing ceremony of the Organization. Mr. Büyükekşi also stressed that “Exportation Strategy and Action Plan of Turkey” is formed within this framework and the goal, adopted by every section, has obtained a qualification of “Document of State.”

Mr. Büyükekşi also said, “We are starting to “CET Academy 2023” to reduce 2023 Strategy on company level. What we will do at CET Academy2023? We will organize trainings, conferences, briefing seminars, and meetings including creating strategic game plan, mapping, practicing applications for companies belonging to 26 export sectors. A road map will be determined for companies about company action plans and applications. As you all know next 10 years are golden, really important. We need to leap forward in said 10 years. To reach 500 billion dollars goal we need to increase our export to approximately 12 percent per annum, reaching 3 times of today’s numbers. Hence, we will go through great change in next 10 years. As we move forward to 2023, our companies’ are ready to move forward as well. CET Academy” is ready to plan the change. We are ready for change. Turkey is ready.”

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