NewsCooperation with the Commercial Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Bursa (BTSO)

Seminar focussed on IP regulations at international fairs hosted by the Commercial Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Bursa in cooperation with DESTEK PATENT and a German delegation of attorneys

Destek Patent
accompanied by a German delegation of IP attorneys organised a seminar especially tailored for the requirements of Turkish industrialists attending and exhibiting in international fairs.

As a leading IP company in Turkey 
Destek Patent prepared this seminar focussed on the difficulties arising in international fairs when not enough awareness of Intellectual Property Rights is existing.

The seminar was performed by the founder and president of the executive board  of Destek Mr.Kemal Yamankaradeniz, the German and European Patent Attorney Dr.Tim Meyer-Dulheuer and member of the board of directors at Destek  Mr.Ersin Dereligil.

In his presentation Mr.Dereligil  underlined  the importance of owing the protection of registrated trademark and patents rights  before considering international presence in trade and fairs.
He emphasized how crucial it is to initiate patent and trademark researches by local patent and trademark attorneys before exhibiting in any fair.

Furthermore he pointed out that exhibiting or trading with  fake products  is  considered  to be a crime as well as intellectual property rights and law regulations change due to national practise.

European patent attorney Dr.Tim Meyer-Dulheuer continued the subject by noting that due to his experiences in  fairs he observes still not enough of IPR awareness under the Turkish exhibitors.

He stated  as an example,that  this year at the Automechanka  exhibition 416 products which raised suspicion to be fake  were seized during the fair, 89 boothes were monitored for exposing fake products and 37 products were even stopped by the customs during the  shipment to the fair.

These statistical data are mostly relevant for Chinese and Malasyan exhibitors for the automotive aftermarket but should be taken into considaration for Turkish exhibitors to be more careful in their preparation for exhibiting their products.

<>Dr.Tim Meyer-Dulheuer reported that in Europe during fairs  the customs administration is allowed to take directly a down payment for an alleged infringement and by complaint this down payment is considered as fine and not refundable.

The payment can differ between 500.- € to 50.000.- € as well as imprisonment from 3 to 5 years should  to be taken into mind.
Besides all these deterrent actions the loss of the company image should not be forgotten.

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