NewsDelegation of EPO examiners at DESTEK PATENT

During their visit to Turkey in October, two delegations of examiners from the European Patent Office met with Destek Patent in Bursa.

Interested  in the expectations and requirements of industrialists, in-house counsels and private praxis patent attorneys both of the delegations came together to meet with  the attorneys of Destek Patent.

After visiting the company FARBA in Bursa, both of the delegations were welcomed by Destek Patent at the convention hotel Gold Majesty.

Several special face to face meetings were followed by a seminar held to the clients and experts of Destek.

Mr.Ersin Dereligil, European Patent Attorney at Destek Patent, pointed out the faults and traps during the application process for European patents.

Mr.Jan Morrish, examiner at  EPO, underlined the importance of  clarity in claims and description for an European patent application.

Mr.Rafael Lalinde, examiner at EPO, explained the guidelines  for  the preparation  of oral proceedings before the EPO.

Mr. Joaquin Vano Gea, examiner at EPO, talked about amendments and incorrect generalistions after filing of the Euopean patent applications as well as the approach of EPO to these problems.

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