NewsDestek Patent Celebrated 30th Anniversary With its Employees

<>Destek Patent, the leading patent and trademark agency of Turkey, celebrated 30th anniversary in the events organized in Istanbul and Bursa. During the celebration events, the employees and executives, who had completed the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th+ working years, were awarded with plaques in appreciation of their loyalties and successes.

When Destek Patent was established in 1983, industrial property rights in Turkey were still protected under the Patent Law 1879 and the Trademark Law (1950s). Companies had almost no knowledge and experience of industrial property rights. The Turkish Patent Office and modern IP legislation were not established until 1995; there were no registered patent/trademark attorneys until 1998 and no specialized IP court till 2001. The number of IP registrations was negligible.

Mr. Kemal Yamankaradeniz, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Destek Patent, underlined in his speech that they had started their business in a difficult environment of insufficient awareness of intellectual property rights and of many deficiencies in Turkey. He said “we had courage and were full of self-confidence, knew very well how our country’s economy will go forward. In this field, we undertook pioneering and leading role without hesitation. We believed in the future of what we are doing. Believing is the half of achieving”.

Destek Patent has been the Turkey’s leader in the field of intellectual property rights according to official<> patent, trademark and design filing and registration statistics by the Turkish Patent Institute, thanks to its professional staff of 200 employees and the largest office network throughout Turkey (namely Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Konya, Gaziantep and Adana), and having experience and expertise gained from thousands of IP files i.e. with more than 100,000 trademarks, 10,000 patents and 70,000 designs since 1995.

Kemal Yamankaradeniz added “We are extremely aware of the significance of the role that we undertook for removing the barriers and risks that the companies encounter in pursuit of protecting their intellectual property rights and we are keeping on our work in this understanding. Because, we know that the leadership brings more responsibilities. We hold over 40 awards internationally and nationally. I thank everyone who contributed to this success.”  

With its mission to meet the need for IP knowledge and experience and IP professionals at that time in terms of international competition, free market economy and the creation and management of IP rights, and in order to improve itself in the IP field, Destek Patent has driven change and broken much ground in IP matters in its short history, and therefore its name is mentioned in terms of pioneers and firsts in the IP field.

<>Mr. Ibrahim Iskender, General Director of Destek Patent, said: “This 30th anniversary of success has fully manifested our continuous commitment to strive for excellence in premium IP management and protection services, built on trust, respect and ethical values with the mission to be essential to our clients. The supportive forces behind this progression of Destek Patent, is our openness to novelties, human resources, and investments in technology. We want to thank sincerely our loyal clients, and hardworking, dedicated staff for helping us achieves these days”. 

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