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Emerging business fields in our country understand branding and trademark facts very well and they do not merely see it as a factor of prestige. Stable smart growing practice and added value production, among others, are two of the significant qualifications owned by the developing economies in order overcome economical crisis successfully.

However, these qualifications can only be possible if the target products and services are wisely branded with effective trademark management strategy and practices. The trademarks with strong indications of trust and quality manage to overcome the crisis periods with less loss when compared to others since consumers always prioritise and trust in trademarks.

It will be quite beneficial to consider the concept of "trademark" together with the understanding of social responsibility, in terms of all products and services we use. Similarly, it should be remembered that a trademark may reach a wide variety of buyers from many parts of the society. It should not be forgotten that the trademarks having strong ties with consumers will always be preferred in any case and under any circumstances.

In global business, increase in trademark investment have provided significant contribution to the development of service sector. We should not consider service sector as the business conducted without capital. Our enterprises and organizations in this field should grow more and they should be supported to enable them to offer service in any part of the world. When all of them are taken into account, the development seen so far release that it is needed to integrate with the trademark.

In order to create long-life of trademarks, rather than a simple sign, as the biggest value representing the company, customers’ opinions and feedbacks should be taken to improve themselves. During gaining, development and retaining stages, customer’s point of view can be understood by being together with the customer all the times. Thus, it will be possible to strengthen the trademark taking into account the customer’s way of life, social visibility and interests.

Therefore, the trademarks integrating with society and having common social responsibilities will always create awareness and maintain their existence better than other companies. Also in case of crisis, they will be able to get rid of it with less damage when compared to others.

With my best wishes,

Kemal Yamankaradeniz
Destek Patent Inc.
Senior Partner

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