NewsIntellectual Property and Strategic R&D Management Conference

Koç University hosted “Intellectual Property and Strategic R&D Management” conference, on the 28th of June at the Rumeli Campus in Istanbul and speakers from academia, industry and government discussed strategic R&D and IP management processes and issues.

Ersin Dereligil, Managing Partner at Destek Patent Inc, delivered a speech on " IP Management and Issues in Turkey: Succesfull IP Commercialization Mechanism, Assessment of Contracts / Risk and Revenue Sharing” in the morning session. Dereligil underlined the fact that "it is not enough just to have the patents granted within the technology management framework, but it is also essential to convert them and associated know-how into a value in international competition via successful commercialization steps and approaches” and told about to what points universities and industry should pay attention and how to manage license negotiations through a common language and win-win understanding.

As a foreign guest speaker, Mr. Sean Flanigan – President, AUTM The Association of University Technology Managers – made a presentation on "IP Policies and issues in North American Universities ". This conference welcomed nine distinguished speakers from Undersecretariat for Defence Industries- R&D and Technology Management Department, University-Industry Collaboration Centers Platform (USIMP), Koç Group, Arcelik, Sabancı and Koç Universities, TTO offices and patent attorneys and lawyers.  The core messages to the fore in this conference: Building up a common language and understanding between the university and industry is essential and effective communication channels and approaches between the parties should be established; it is unlikely to transform the existing Turkish TTOs Offices into a profit center in the medium run but they should achieve progress within social responsibility projects; and experienced and expertised technology transfer professionals with high communication skills are required, in parallel to Turkey’s 2023 targets.

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