NewsInternational Activities in September


DESTEK PATENT is pleased to attend this outstanding event where nearly 2000 international delegates are expected.

Ongoing globalization of markets is providing tremendous opportunities, but at the same time presents new and difficult challenges for traditional systems, threatening their ability to compete and survive.
In this framework, Milano offers a lot of interesting thoughts. Milano represents natural crossroads, where diverse aspects find an unusual common point of harmony. 

The event will be accompanied by invitations of a lot of local Italian companies as well as several  open house presentations of local private praxis offices.

At the same time from 21 to 27 September  another unique event is taking place in Milan the Milan Fashion Week – Women. In less than a week more than 170 catwalks are scheduled in different locations.During the Milan Fashion Week thousands of tourists, fashion designers, models and stakeholders in the fashion business flock to Milan, transforming the city into an open-air fashion ramp.
Understandably ,this week is expected to be significant for all international IP players.

MARQUES Conference in Alicante /Spain

This time DESTEK PATENT will attend as delegates and as one of the sponsors of the conference.

The theme of the MARQUES 30th Annual Conference is BRANDS versus TRADEMARKS - TRADEMARKS versus BRANDS. 

Taking place in Alicante ,this year MARQUES will be celebrating its 30th annual conference, as well as the 20th anniversary of the EU trade mark system.
The conference will focus on  discussions on issues such as challenges of brands vs trademarks  ,litigating in Europe, Geographical Indications, as well as updates on EUIPO, WIPO and European CEU Case Law.
A high particpation of international delegates is awaited.

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