NewsSeizure of Counterfeit Products at Ambiente Fair

Once again, the registration of IP rights has disclosed itself as an important tool to prevent the copycats of  genuine products. 

Gürallar Grup, a Turkish company consulted by Destek Patent for its IP rights, successfully launched  a seizure for products  of a  Saudi-Arabian company exhibiting  copies of  their products protected under design rights in ‘AMBIENTE  2015’ fair organized in Germany.

Infringement of glass designs
Known for producing very original  designs for glasses,  the director of Gürallar Grup’s LAV  Glass Factory Mr. Direnç Gül stated  "We hold registered international designs rights for all of  our new products. At this fair, four series of our glass products were imitated by other exhibitors. When we recognized the copies of our products  at another booth, we directly informed the customs authorities. The infringing products were confiscated  by a delegation of custom officers as well as legal representatives  and a fine had to be paid conductively.’

Counterfeits fail to get unfair commercial gain
Kemal Yamankaradeniz, Senior Partner of Destek Patent, said: “We are proud of Turkish companies who compete in global marketplace with new products and novel designs and stood up against infringing IP rights. It is essential to understand and respect all IP rights of others and now Turkey has started to be named in fair business not only by avoiding such infringements but also by enforcing IP rights globally.

LAV  Glass company consulted and represented  by Destek Patent and its foreign associates in Frankfurt  stated , "Besides  confiscating the products and taking fines from the alleged  infringer, legal proceedings are considered to be launched.

History changes...
In former times some Turkish companies had been exposed to confiscating during  fairs , but by now Turkish companies are confident of protecting themselves with registered IP rights  as well as searching for support in prosecution  and litigation when their products being infringed by third persons or companies.
Thus ,the situation has started to change to the opposite.

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