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Speak the Same Language

Speak the Same Language

Since the patent is a concept with technical and legal aspects, we are aware that technical people need sufficient legal knowledge whereas legal people need sufficient technical knowledge.

In that case, Our Lesson is Patent program is a patent training program that offers an opportunity for technical people and legal people to get on the same page.

The Country with the Highest Level of Patent Production

Organizations, geographical regions and countries which increased their patent information level are regarded as a factor for change in terms of economic and development criteria. The top region with the highest numbers of patent production is Marmara Region. Similarly, the top country in that field is the United States of America. The top European country in that field is Germany. Their distinctive but joint characteristic is the fact that they are the most developed country and region where they located.
The Country with the Highest Level of Patent Production

Goals of the Training

• Preventing waste of the firm and country resources by avoiding repeated R&D activities. (Even though it varies for organizations and countries, the rate of repeated R&D activities is approximately between 23% and 30%)
• Conducting fast and true preliminary research on patents. Proper determination of the right coverage.
• Pre-defining what and how should be done to prevent potential issues regarding the concept of a patent in a wide range of considerations from product design to the delivery to the final consumer.
• Enriching the patent portfolio. (If there is a 1% change in patents, it will lead to a 0.11% change in financial development.)
• Sustainable R&D and reaching a sustainable competition.