NewsMeet Us at INTA in Orlando

138th International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting held in Orlando, Florida, USA host over 10 thousand attendees.

“Intellectual Rights Star” award to Destek Patent again

INTA Meeting, the world’s leading trademark event, hosted over 10 thousand attendees. Destek Patent has represented our country successfully at the 138th INTA Meeting (International Trademark Association’s 2016 Meeting). During the event, Destek Patent was awarded with IP Star Certificate (Intellectual Rights Star Certificate) for the third times by Managing Intellectual Property, one of the most prestigious publications in the sector.

During the INTA 2016 Meeting, 33 training sessions were held, where over 225 subjects were discussed and 10 thousand trademark managers, Trademark and Patent Office officials, lawyers and attorneys from 140 countries were hosted in Orlando. During the Meeting providing sponsorship opportunities and exhibition halls, anti-counterfeiting measures and important aspects of ‘International Trademark Law’ were discussed.

At INTA 2016 held at Orange County Convention Center, Destek Patent was represented by Mr. Ersin Dereligil, Managing Partner, Mr. Emrah Öngören, Legal Coordinator, as well as Trademark and Patent Agents Mrs. Claudia Kaya, Mrs. Yeşim Metin and Ms. Simay Akbaş. Mr. Kemal Yamankaradeniz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Destek Patent, said: “We do our best to represent our clients in 192 countries of international registration system. In order to closely keep track of international developments on industrial and intellectual property rights and explore new international studies on branding and trademark registration, we have attended in INTA meeting, which is the biggest trademark event of the highest level of participation in the world. During the event, we found opportunities to contact the officials of the international patent and trademark offices and trademark agents and attorneys and mutually discussed trademark practices for most effective protection of our clients’ rights on each country basis and learned latest developments in the world.

Once More Intellectual Rights Star: “Destek Patent”
In INTA 2016, for its outstanding success and valuable contributions in intellectually rights, Destek Patent is for the third time awarded with the “Intellectual Rights Star Certificate” by "Managing Intellectual Property", a prestigious publication on promotion and protection of International Intellectual Rights. Mr. Ersin Deregil, Managing Partner at Destek Patent, who received the certificate in name of Destek Patent, said “We aim to represent our country in international arena successfully and offer professional, value added service for our clients all the times. We are very proud to be awarded by appreciation of our services. We would like to extend our thanks to all of our clients and employees enabling us to have this prestigious award for the third time."

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