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There are new rules in the game

As we all know, digital transformation is inevitable given the global competition circumstances. To adjust to the new age, and move on in this world, we should combine technology with life and undertake commitment in terms of consumers' needs. Within the scope of our digital transformation journey that we started with "Continuous change and progress" approach, we combine our workflow with technology, and we provide innovative and value-added solutions for our customers.

We reinterpret and improve our services for the protection of our values at periodic time intervals and restore them in order to offer our clients always the highest quality. With our company strategy, it is our goal to make our brands, patents and designs promising for the economy as quickly as possible and thereby contribute to achieve the official target export statistics in 2023.

Destek Patent provides the technology for advanced digital content translation services internationally to accommodate the growth in patent filing activities from current and prospective foreign clients. This is extremely important in order to meet the high quality requirements for new drugs and vaccines in the course of the constantly growing pharmaceutical industry and the associated new foreign clients.

Our goal is to make Turkey become a "HUB" in the field of the Intellectual Property Rights protection

That's why, in such a period when the correct analysis and management of crises is more important than ever, the priorities to be protected are 'trademark' and 'trademark reputation'. Embracing the values that the trademark represents, and communicating by building trust should be the key priority of the companies while battling to stay in the market.

The pandemic reminded us that environmental sustainability should be a priority while it showed us that natural resources can actually and dangerously run out. It is inevitable that we will have to establish an ecosystem that supports the technology, products, and services required for a green and more carbon-free future. Therefore, the fact that various items such as environmental technologies, agriculture solutions and chemistry solutions should be produced in this ecosystem has become a priority for our food safety. During the pandemic, we remembered the important things in life: humanity and health. These two have no become top preference. Consumers should prefer to buy products of the brands that are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to nature. The firms whose brands meet the requirements of sustainability will be the future winners for new branded products. Sustainability in products with registered trademarks , patents, and designs will bring more value for people's lives and recovery of nature. We will have solutions for all of these projects, steps and activities. Brands will make guidelines in accordance with this approach and natur will be the beneficiary.

Have a good and healthy day.

Kemal Yamankaradeniz
Chief Executive Officer