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Destek Patent has become one of the leading firms both in the sector and on a national level by flawlessly combining skilled labor with technological advancements with the strength of its 38 years of experience.

The general policy of Destek Patent for Human Resources is composed of ensuring the motivation, productivity, and comfort of the employees in an appropriate working environment. . Emphasis is placed on increasing personal development and organizational added value by providing all technological and educational tools.

Destek Patent understands that people are the key to a company's success, and thanks to that awareness, the firm has implemented a lot of projects, and continue to implement in terms of Human Resources.

Recruitment Process

Destek Patent is aware that the hiring process has to be carried out with the greatest sensitivity and attention - a cornerstone for a healthy company atmosphere for employees and candidates and above all for our clients' satisfaction

The firm pays special attention for every single step of hiring process, from job postings to candidate feedbacks while it organizes interview techniques to evaluate competency and concentration -making them target-oriented- of the candidates.

Professional Knowledge, Competence, Performance

To determine the way for achieving career goals through career planning in line with the technical and professional knowledge, competence and performance results of the firm's employee, to plan the internal vocational development and promotions.

Career planning essentials for the candidates who will start working at our firm:

• Educational background
• Work experience related or not related to the sector

For the in-house employees of our firm:

• Professional performance
• Educational background
• Workplace seniority and minimum waiting period
• Post-training tests or appointment test taken for the related level
• Manager's view on applying the skills acquired through the personal development training sessions that the candidate participated in
• Fulfilling the projects and tasks assigned by Human Resources, and evaluation of these tasks carried out by human resources and managers
• That the organization has a job opening for the related role.

Continuous Learning and Progress

We organize various training sessions for our employees as we believe that education is the key factor for meeting customer satisfaction.

Our mission

• Educating people to help them become qualified experts, consultants, and managers who are working in the field of Intellectual Property Rights
• Modification and recovery of the vocational training programs in accordance with the continuously changing regulation and social requirements
• We know our weaknesses but this awareness forces us to improve and thereby strengthen the business

Job Openings