How will the pandemic impact the future of the trademarks?

Brands reshape their strategies as the world is trying to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus crisis. The role of digital world is becoming more and more important in determination of the preferences, and the trademark investments in this field is are gaining importance to become a driving force in the global competition.

We anticipate there will be a number of new ventures and trademarks in the post-pandemic period. During this process in particular, several people and organizations that have a presence only on the digital platforms are about to become a brand, and they protect their rights thanks to a "trademark registration".

Turning global economic dynamics upside down since December 2019 with a worldwide impact, the coronavirus also impacts the future of the trademarks.

Social media, on which people may both share their personal posts and have the chance to reach commercial earnings by branding, puts obligatory measures required for the protection of name rights.

Brand communication seals the firms' fate