How to find a trademark name?

Trademarks have now become a part of our lives. As these times when pandemic impacts our lives make people's health became a top priority and shape professional behaviors in accordance with the new era's requirements, patent applications continue and it is getting more and more challenging to create a revolutionary and attractive trademark because of the heavy demand in the field. Operating in the field of intellectual and Intellectual property rights for 37 years, Destek Patent provided important information about the trademark creation process.

The pandemic not only reshaped the priorities of humanity, but also changed the economic dynamics; however, patent applications did not stop during the crisis, clearly proving that product branding is a crucial and critical activity.

"You have to start thinking after you are no longer tied up."

Kemal Yamankaradeniz, the Chief Executive Officer of Destek Patent, which has been preserving its sector's leading agent position in the field of intellectual and Intellectual Property Rights in Turkey since the day it was founded, shared his opinions about what should be done to find a true and binding trademark name:

"This journey started with the behavior of people about instantly naming everything at the time it was seen, and without a doubt, this journey now acquired a different dimension. Because we need new and different words at this time. As such, we need a strong strategy and sufficient creativity while creating a trademark name. If it is appropriate to say, 'You must start thinking after you are unchained'. We are telling our customers to whom we provide trademark creation services that if they want to come up with a strategy and creative trademark, it is very important to conduct comprehensive research on the target sector, perspectives, and perceptions of the target audience. Apart from that, we follow a methodology in which we evaluate various aspects including letter choices and location where the product will be launched, which are thoroughly important factors for coming up with the true trademark.

The brand that is able to address the requirements attracts the consumers

For a good brand, the requirements have to met.It is never enough to examine the requirements alone. You have to check competitiveness to meet the requirements. You should make sure you search and know your competitors. Once the business strategy is determined, the name-specific strategy follows. It must be judged whether the brand perception appeals to the premium or the mass market. Certainly, premium features and addressing mass-market features have their own separate ratings .

One of the most preferred methods is abstract names

Despite the fact that concrete and definitive naming in line with the category can facilitate the consumer's perception process, it can be very likely to be imitated. However, abstract names are one of the most preferred options as there are no existing words left anymore. These names are created by cut various words into pieces and further deriving them in accordance with the trademark's image, and again, creating a new word by choosing letters that are suitable for the trademark's image. This might be the most challenging methods of the naming process.

Morphology is effective from the point of the consumer

In addition, the name's morphology is an important factor as well. Within this scope, it should be determined how many words and how many letters the name will composed of. This is also depending on the sector and business. The morphologic structure of a name can also tell a lot about which family or category it belongs to. For instance, if you put a X at the end of the products that provide sanitization and disinfection, you can now have that integrated with the category.

What are the important considerations for letter choices?

Consequently, we should state that letters are rather important during this process. The names that have 'K,T,Z etc.' are preferred when rough and masculine names are requested, whereas letters such as 'O,S,V' may be preferred if there's a need for softer and more feminine names. Besides, pronunciations should be taken into consideration while deciding on vowels.

Pronunciation of the trademark names are rather important

It is rather important for the created trademark names that they do not have any bad connotation for the target location where they will be launched, or that they are easy to pronounce. Creating a proper trademark name is a challenging process. However, it is the basis of the trademark. That is why, creating a proper name is a strategic process. This process must be well-planned and people must ask for the help of experts when they decided to invest in trademarks."

Don't forget to register your Trademark that you will invest in for many years to prevent any imitations.

Kemal Yamankaradeniz, the CEO of Destek Patent shared his opinions about the trademark name creation process:

"First of all, trademark creation requires strategy and proper planning. Because the trademark name is one of the first areas that a consumer contacts the trademark. The research is conducted for the brief processes, and most importantly, the registration controls of the proposed trademark. One of the major issues that we face today is the fact that everyone and everything is branded; and therefore, there are not many names left that can be registered. To prevent possible issues, there should be further steps to be taken and searches to be conducted on the registrability of the trademark name. Either the trademark will be used in domestic or foreign markets, its registrability should be checked, and it should be noted if there is any similarity to any other brands. After the determination of the trademark, the trademark holder should apply for a trademark registration in the countries where it will be used. It is the only way to prevent from any imitations of your trademark that you will be investing in for many years"