Intellectual Property Rights Data in 2019

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank evaluated the Intellectual Property Rights data for 2019. Minister Varank pointed out that there were increases in all areas of Intellectual Property Rights in 2019, and that domestic patent applications increased by 11%, utility model applications by 8%, trademark applications by 13%, and design applications by 11%.

In addition, Minister Varank underlined the fact that TURKPATENT received 8.126 domestic patent applications, 2.906 utility model applications, 134.353 trademark applications, and a total of 46.188 design applications, 39.178 domestic and 7.010 foreign. He then added, "This data indicates that our country has made great progress in the field of Intellectual Property Rights."

Categorizing applications by sectors, Minister Varank said that companies operating in the field of information and communication technologies, white goods, automotive and electronics ranked the highest in domestic patent applications.

Varank pointed out that 22 universities are among the top 50 institutions filing the most patent applications in 2019, and stated that this number was 17 last year. He continued, "Turkey has been the country with the most trademark applications in Europe since 2011. Trademark data from other countries for 2019 have not yet been released, but we will most likely continue to rank first in this area. Our companies are highly sensitive about branding." As for design applications, he said "According to the analyses, companies that invest in design show higher commercial success than those that do not. Again, design-intensive sectors contribute significantly to employment and national income. Therefore, it is crucial that all manufacturers, especially SMEs, use and manage the design process effectively."

Mentioning that TURKPATENT has become one of the institutions to apply for Intellectual Property Rights the most in Europe, Minister Varank concluded "TURKPATENT, which has been providing services as an international authority before the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization since 2017, continues to increase its capacity in patent research. The number of international reports issued by the institution increased 7,5 times compared to last year. There are 23 international patent research and review authorities in the world. In 2019, TURKPATENT became the Intellectual Property Rights institution to increase the number of reports the fastest among these 23 institutions. In 2023, we aim to place TURKPATENT among the top 10 authorities in the world."