A First in the World by Aselsan

At the ASELSAN Research Center, the world's first open-edged MPG prototype system with linear scanning was developed. US patent registration decision was taken for the developed system. Two different phantoms representing a healthy coronary with magnetic nanoparticles and a coronary with 50 percent constriction were imaged in the Prototype system.

The system has advantages such as open edges for interventional applications, practicing high sensitivity imaging in a wide area, performing three-dimensional imaging with a single-channel receiver / transmitter thanks to the special magnetic field scanning method.
With the MPG prototype system, of which the research and development works in the field of both biodefense and health technologies are planned to be conducted, it is aimed to contribute to the production and export of advanced technology sector in Turkey's health and Biodefense sector.

In addition, with the possibilities of nanotechnology, the use of MPG in a wide range of applications is foreseen, such as angiography, interventional radiology, tumor imaging and therapy, stem cell tracking, targeted drug therapy and drug dosage determination, focused heating therapy, functional brain imaging, imaging of internal hemorrhages, detection of different agents in biodefense. Pre-clinical studies on MPG continue in the world. There is no commercial product used in the clinic yet.

Source/Credit: Milliyet