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What is Trademark Value?

Trademark value consists of values, perceptions, reputations, and promises that emerged as a result of all the operational, marketing, and communication investments made for brands and institutions.

In which situations does this "Trademark Valuation" brings an opportunity?

• Acquisition and mergers
Preparing accurate and consistent trademark valuation and reputation research reports are the critical considerations that will be taken into account by the parties when assessing the actual value of companies.

• Trademark handover and takeover processes
In these processes, to assess the prices accurately by taking the trademark value into account from the viewpoints of both buyer and seller, a trademark valuation report plays a critical role.

• Share transfers
If there will be share transfer transactions in the customer firm, it is obligatory to share the trademark rights along with the rights of fixed assets.

• Branches & franchise
Trademark valuation report will play an important role while assessing or evaluating the fee required the stage on which another firm or party is allowed to use the trademark usage rights for a certain period of time.

• Infringement against trademark rights
In case a lawsuit is filed because any losses of rights caused by trademark similarities in the same or close sectors and industries, the trademark valuation report will play a crucial role amongst all the files that will be submitted to court.

• Loan Collateral
When getting a loan, the trademark valuation report that will be submitted to the national or abroad institutions by the customer firm will contribute a lot to the loan process.

• Licensing
Holding companies are able to issue invoices for the monthly and annual license usage for the internal companies or companies using the same trademark in accordance with the assessed trademark value.

• Marketing and Measuring the achievement level of investment activities
Thanks to the trademark valuation activities carried out in certain periods of time, it becomes possible to assess how effective the marketing and investment activities of the company were by periods.

• Companies preparing for Turquality (a concept made up of 'Turk' and 'quality' and is defined as an accreditation system encompassing all processes from production to marketing, and from sales to after-sales services, of products having a competitive advantage and branding potential.)
During Turquality audits, there are inquiries for the company regarding the research studies carried out on the trademark in the last five years. In that case, one of the most important research studies is assessing the value of the trademark.

• Expanding the distribution network abroad
To establish a business partnership with a better distributor on a more sustainable basis abroad, trademark familiarity plays an important role between the parties.

• Suspension of Bankruptcy
During times of financial troubles, and payment issues, trademark valuation submissions -along with the payment strategies for current debts- contribute a lot to the companies during the suspension of bankruptcy stage.

• Well-Known Trademark
International treaties and legal decisions of which Turkey is a part clearly indicate the criteria required for a trademark to become well-known. These criteria declared by TURKPATENT (Turkish Patent and Trademark Office) in 18 topics. One of these topics is the financial value of a trademark.

• Success criterion in case of the change of executives
Thanks to the reports received regularly, success of the new executive staff appointed by the company owners or Board of Executives will be able to monitored and measured whether they achieved the target level or not.

What are the trademark valuation methods? Which valuation method does Destek Patent use?

Destek Patent uses the Market-and-Income-oriented mixed model. This model is well accepted all across the world that is being used by the foremost valuation companies. If a method that focuses only on costs, income or market is used, it can only show a small portion of the actual trademark value.

The trademark valuation reports that we accordingly prepared are suitable for the international financial standards (US-GAAP, IAS/IFRS), and valuation rules (IDW S5, DIN/ISO 10668, DIN 77100).

What is the trademark valuation process and logic in general?

The customer company information required for valuation activities are received by the related units operate under the customer company. In the model we use, the trademark value is measured using a lot of standard, common formulas, and parameters that effect the trademark value including previous annual turnover statements, Market-related and sectoral conditions, growth targets, and income expectations and even more. The trademark value is measured as EURO -in terms of currency- in order to be used on a national and international scale.