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The power of the companies is measured by considering the value of their trademarks, instead of their physical assets.

Trademark is the most valuable and intellectual capital of your company, and registration is the only way to protect it. "Trademark Registration" is the most important part of the branding strategy in which you invest, and it prevents the continuous risks that your trademark can face.

Determining trademark category and commodity

In addition to the trademark name, it offers a determination of suitable classes and commodities (sub-classes) according to their area of activity where they will be used and prevents future issues. Some similar or complementary subclasses can be placed under some different classes. In addition to the current area of activity, new class/commodity should be determined according to the strategic goals and vision for new areas of activity that can emerge as a result of the growing market share. A lack of class preferences may cause a well-known brand not to be used in new areas of activity. The applications made in unsuitable class and commodities may reduce the probability of your trademark's protection in your area of activity and your ability to compete.

Why should I get my trademark registered abroad?

• Prevents imitation and unfair registrations
• Trademarks are protected only in the countries in which they are registered
• Brings prestige
• Prevents issues in the customs clearances

Why should I get my trademark registered abroad?

Trademarks are protected only in the countries in which they are registered. To protect your trademark abroad, you can apply for registration in the country where you will use your trademark. To apply in multiple countries at the same time, you can apply to the systems of these countries, and prevent extra time and costs.

There are 6 systems for trademark registration applications abroad;

Territorial application
Means that you apply for the trademark to the official authority of that country via an attorney located in the country.

WIPO - Madrid protocol
It is carried out by the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization (WIPO) based in Switzerland.
• It can be applied as 104 countries from Turkey + EUTM + OAPI.
• It offers protection valid for 10 years and renewal required after that period.

EUTM - European Union
• It is carried out by the European Union Intellectual Property Rights Office (EUIPO) located in Spain
• It covers the Member States (28 countries in total) (Turkey is not a member of this system because it is not a member state)
• A trademark registration valid in all Member States with one application
• Registration period takes approximately 5 to 6 months and no examination system for other similar trademarks
• Protection and renewal periods: 10 years

OAPI - African Intellectual Property Rights Organization
• It is carried out by OAPI located in Cameroon
• A trademark registration valid in all member countries (17 African countries) with one
application. It is not possible to make a territorial application for these countries.
• Registration period: Approximately 2 years
• Protection and renewal periods: 10 years

ARIPO - The African Regional Intellectual Property Rights Organization
• It is a registration system that has 10 African member countries as part of trademark applications.
Botswana, Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland), Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, São Tomé & Principe, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe

***A process is being carried out to integrate the laws of member countries into the ARIPO system, that is why we do not recommend this system. If you are a right holder who is in a commercial relation with these countries, we recommend that you make a territorial or WIPO application.