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Destek Patent feels responsible for solving the social issues, and contributes to the social responsibility projects in various fields from healthcare, education, sports to art.

The firm works in proper, fair, transparent, and accountable way and in accordance with the corporate management principles.

It is respectful to laws, ethics, human rights, and works in a structure that protects the environment and in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and the public sector and fulfills the requirements of corporate citizenship.
Focusing on "education" in particular, the firm operates with the aims of "developing people's awareness on Intellectual Property Rights and literacy towards patents and contributing to increasing Turkey's intellectual capital" as a priority.

In that case, it launched a social responsibility project called "Protect your Idea".

Awards and Sponsors

Destek patent contributed a lot to almost all sectors and industries with the organizations such as conferences, training programs, and panels thanks to its quality corporate services experience, innovative sector-related steps, and achievements in developing new business and products, leading the firm to get various awards from many organizations including universities and associations.